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Promotional Drawstring Bags

Buying Promotional Drawstring Bags: 5 Important Things To Keep In Mind

Promotional drawstring bags are convenient and multipurpose—they’re lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. They’re usually made with sturdy material and can carry a variety of different products. If you plan to use these bags for promotional purposes, you might want to keep in mind some of the important aspects when buying drawstring bags. 

 Consider your company’s branding

The first thing to do when buying printed drawstring bags is consider your company’s branding. You want the bag to match your company’s logo or slogan so that it will be recognisable as a promotional merchandise item. If you have a logo, then you should make sure the bag has that logo its printed as large as you can go on the front.

Choose a material that’s lightweight and durable if you need a sports bag

When you’re purchasing custom drawstring bags for promotional merchandise purposes, it’s important to find a material that will stand up to heavy use. Nylon and polyester are tough materials, making them ideal for carry-all items. A canvas promotional bag would also be a good option, as the heavier material will stand up to the wear and tear of being used on a regular basis. So when you’re buying custom drawstring bags make sure to choose one that will stand up to wear and tear. We recommend a minimum of 210D

Make sure the drawstring is strong

When you’re shopping around for printed drawstring bags that will be used for advertising purposes, make sure the drawstrings are strong. You don’t want the strings to snap and have your items spill out on the floor! Keep in mind that these bags will be carrying a variety of different products from sports shoes to full water bottles, so it’s important to ensure that the strings can handle heavy items without snapping. It’s a good idea to test this with an assortment of objects before purchasing. Just contact our team for a sample



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Do you have a complex logo?

Make sure the logo is printed in full colour. Our team can explore a transfer print to achieve all the shades and gradients in your logo or image.

 Logos printed in full colour are much more visible and attractive. It’s worth your money to print your logo in full colour for maximum exposure.

What materials are used to build promotional drawstring bags?

 There are three main types of materials used to make printed drawstring bags include: polyester, cotton, and canvas. Polyester is water resistant which makes it a good choice for wet items like swimsuits or towels. Cotton is one of the most popular materials because it’s easy to work with, but has low tensile strength and may not stand up well in cold weather. Canvas is a durable fabric that can be used for both clothing and furniture. It’s also water resistant, making it suitable for wet items, but it needs to be protected from UV rays or it will deteriorate over time

Our guidance on promotional branded drawstring bag sizes:

Size: For promotional purposes, drawstring bags generally range from 8x8” squares to 18x18” rectangles (or larger). If you want something smaller than 8x8”, you could buy a promotional pouch as an alternative, our merchandise team will be glad to help guide you on the right bag size for your needs.

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