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Promotional Tote Bags

How to Create Promotional Tote Bags That Actually Work for Your Brand

 When it comes to promoting your business, you have several different options. However, they all come at a cost to your marketing budget. Some can be very expensive, while others require a lot of time and effort. That being said, suitable promotional tote bags can be the key to getting your brand in front of people who might be interested in your business.

Promotional bags are a walking advert.

Printed totes are a great way to target potential customers who may be interested in your business. They also give your brand a sense of cohesion and continuity, which is especially important when it is new and needs to establish itself. A custom tote bag is a simple, functional bag that can be used for almost any purpose. You only need to find the right promotional tote for your budget and audience. So, how do you go about creating a tote that will not only help your brand but also help with your sales? Let's explore some of the factors you should consider before you plan your promotional merchandise campaign.


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Know What You Want From a Promotional Tote Bag

Before you even think about marketing your business with a printed reusable tote, you need to have a clear idea of what you want your bag to convey. You don't want your merchandise to be only about your brand message; you also need to consider the practical use for those carrying your free bags. Your printed tote's message will be apparent to everyone who has it if you choose the right messenger. 

Consider what do you want your promotional tote bags to say? 

You can target a wide range of new audiences with your marketing bags. These can include customers, current or former employees, current or former clients, investors, etc. You also want to make sure that the message you choose is one your target audience will be receptive to. If they don't relate to the marketing message, it will waste time and money. Great printed designs include 'shopaholic' and the famous 'bag for life' slogans.

Create a cohesive brand messages

A great way to start a promotional tote campaign is by ensuring that your branded reusable bags are consistent with your brand's look and feel. You can make your reusable tote bags reflective of your design and brand colours if you already have a logo. If not, now is the time to make sure that your logo is clearly printed on all of your promotional merchandise. It's also essential to keep your logo usage consistent within all of your marketing materials, including your social media posts, email signatures, business cards, flyers, and promotional materials. As your brand grows and evolves, so should your logo. It's easy to get stuck in a logo phase with your business. However, now is the time to push forward and make sure your logo is consistent across your complete marketing materials.

Make promotional tote bags that will resonate with your audience.

When you're thinking about what to say on your reusable promotional tote, you have to think about who will be reading your advertising message. Who is going to be carrying your custom bags? Are they going to be customers, current employees, or investors? Are they people you know in these specific target groups? Can you connect with them on a personal level? Will carrying your bags help them feel connected to your brand somehow? When creating your printed tote bag design, these are all critical questions to think about as a team.

Be strategic with your colours and typefaces.

One of the most important decisions you have to make when creating effective printed products for your marketing campaigns is what to put on your totes bag exterior sides. You need to make sure that your message is clear to anyone carrying your tote. The tote's exterior is an excellent place to start, so it's essential to be strategic with your typefaces and colours. Keep them consistent with your brand guidelines. Colour can be a great way to draw attention to the message on your tote. However, it can also be a distraction if not used carefully.

An advertising tote bag may be your first impression to your potential new clients.

You only get one chance to make a first impression in promotional marketing, and there's no better way to make a great first impression than with a tremendous free printed tote! There are many different factors to consider when creating a great marketing tote bag, including but not limited to: the size, material, design, and message. Ensure that you research these factors thoroughly before ordering your next promotional tote bag to ensure that your message resonates with your audience and will achieve your goal. Also, keep in mind that the most crucial factor of all when creating a reusable tote is your brand and custom design

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