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Top Tips on How to Advertise Your Business with Promotional Mugs

There are plenty of unique ways to advertise when marketing your business. Modern marketing includes email newsletters, social media marketing, and print marketing. But, one of the most overlooked marketing channels is using promotional merchandise, and a best seller is still promotional mugs. Custom printed mugs are a quick and easy way to market your business when you visit your clients, attend an event or invite potential new clients to your offices. Most companies buy promotional mugs to advertise their business to a broad audience. However, many companies fail to take advantage of the broad marketing appeal of the common promotional mugs.

What Are Promotional Mugs?

 Promotional mugs are advertising cups made from ceramic, bone china or even plastic that businesses giveaway to customers and potential clients for free. The branded mug usually has the company's logo printed on a wrap and a message about the business. This marketing tool is highly affordable, especially when considering how many people will use it and read your marketing message multiple times a day. Custom mugs will be reused as coffee mugs in the home and office, thus ensuring that they have a long lifespan, keep your brand and slogan on view and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Read more about how to use company mugs for marketing effectively.

Why Are Promotional Mugs Important for Your Business?

Promotional mugs are a versatile marketing tool that will advertise your business. Printed mugs are great for marketing because they are low cost and will be used in many different environments. 

Buyers guidance on how maximise your advertisement with promotional mugs. 

Design your own custom printed mugs

The easiest way to market your business with promotional mugs is to work with your merchandise supplier on a unique design for you and your business. This may seem daunting at first, but a promotional merchandise company can assist you with a template that makes it easy to design your promotional mug and understand your available print area. When someone uses your advertising mug or sees an advertisement for your company, they'll associate it with you because of the mug's look and logo! If you take the time to design your company mug, you'll ensure that they match your company's branding. 

Give out promotional mugs at events

You promote your business by giving out printed coffee cups at events and conferences related to your services or products. Many trade exhibitions provide you with a space in the hall to set up a promotional display or stand. Having a well-designed display and free company merchandise will drive attention to your team. There are many ways to use this method of promotional marketing, such as networking events, trade shows, corporate retreats, and charity fundraisers.

A unique message for your custom mug to make people smile!

Use a transfer stamp or transfer print to the inner rim or base of the mug to convey a fun message of your business.

Use all of the available image space to your advantage

Include company information on the print area around the wrap of the mug 

Internal office marketing

Put them in break rooms at your company office, so your team and clients can enjoy them.

Involve your customers with a custom design competition

Host a contest where people can submit ideas for their suggested mug design 

Social media and PR shoutouts

Offer discounts if someone has their local mug with them, advertise your business, and tag you in a social post.

Reward fans with gift mugs

Why not gift a custom mug to customers who write reviews on their purchases and post positive reviews online.

Promotional mugs as prizes

Give away promotional mugs as prizes at contests and events. 

Printed mugs to advertise your brand at trade shows

Hand out promotional mugs at conferences, seminars, trade shows, etc.

Gift your custom mugs to charity 

Donate promotional cups to local charity coffee shops that might use them for coffee giveaways for customers or patrons.

Gift with purchase

Offer free promotional cups with every purchase from your online store, or a new sign up for your services

How to Select the Right Printed Mug for Your Brand

When selecting a company logo mug for your business, you want to ensure it's consistent with your brand. The goal is for people to recognise the company the mug belongs to. You can achieve this by including the company logo on the front of the mug, or with a custom printed design that matches your company's theme. Suppose you're not artistically inclined and don't have time to develop a custom design. In that case, many promotional merchandise companies will help you create a custom design for your promotional mug as part of the service. Once you've figured out which type of promotional mug would work best, you'll need to personalise them. Personalising promotional mugs means either putting your company name on the front or adding a company slogan or message on the back of the wrap-around print area of the cup. For example, if your business sells coffee, you may want to include something like "drink all day!" on the mug design mug so that customers will associate the slogan with your coffee shop.

Don't forget to include your contact details. This will increase brand awareness and make people more likely to visit your website or social media page. You also want to include additional contact information, like a phone number and email address, on the bottom of your promotional mug. If anyone wants to contact you, they can do it quickly.

Do you want to offer your marketing mugs as an incentive?

Are you running a social media marketing campaign? Be sure you include an offer for something free in exchange for filling out a form (like a contest entry form). This will encourage people to visit your website site and fill out the form for their chance at receiving fun, free merchandise gifts.

Why not create a collection of promotional mugs and use custom-designed coffee cups consistently with every campaign?

Printed mugs are a great way to market any campaign you're running, whether to promote a new product launch or sell more products online. It doesn't matter how small the project is – using promo mugs can always make it better! Advertising mugs could be included in every marketing campaign you run because they're affordable, collectable and accessible ways of marketing without taking up too much time or money.

Promotional mugs are a cost-effective way to market your business. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy merchandise giveaway to promote your business or a long-term marketing strategy, promotional mugs have proven an effective marketing tool. With a bit of thinking, you can design a promotional mug that will help grow your business.


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